Southsea Skatepark
Southsea Skatepark was built in 1977 to home 'the best skating facilites outside London' (Richard Sotnick Lord Mayor of Portsmouth)

Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain as well as countless British Pros have skated it. It's a piece of UK Skate history, as well as being my local park!

It's future is uncertain though. Check out the latest newsletter from the
Southsea Skatepark Users Group here and the previous newsletter here.
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Love Southsea - 4.5mins

Southsea Skatepark regulars unite in support of this south coast institution.

Quicktime 7 required
Southsea Reunion - 16mins

Our film of the Southsea Reunion held in 2005.

Other Links

Southsea - Great site with tons of info, pics, opening times etc. - Southsea's entry in the excellent UK Skatepark Directory SK8M8.

Skate Pirates - Webpage of the Skatepark User Group with info about the campaign to keep the park open.

Other Southsea Films

Check out the Extra's on the excellent DVD Chlorine for some cine footage of Bones Brigade's visit to Southsea in the 80's.

Also Rollin Through The Decades has a good extra section on the park and it's influence on the UK scene.

Other Park Info

I normally skate a 34inch pool deck there, though recently I have been riding a 39inch deck, which still manages to cope with the park's quirky tight transition. Soft wheels are and advantage too, as the surface is quite rough.